3 simple tips on making Christmas extra cozy

Christmas is my favourite time of year. There is something about wrapping and decorating the tree with Christmas movies that just makes me smile. You don’t have to give a lot and spend through the roof to make it special. But how can you make it more so, with some added coziness in there? Read on my lovelies…

Spend time with friends and family

This might sound like a given but do something new or different. Visit a Christmas market or Winter Wonderland. Go get hot chocolates and admire all the pretty Christmas lights. The possibilities are endless! If you think outside the box, it’s might be quieter and more enjoyable.

Buy Christmas pjs

If you are looking to treat yourself but aren’t sure how? Why not treat yourself to some new jimjams? They could be Christmas or just a new level of comfort. Oh and hey, still stuck for gift ideas – they make great presents too!

Make your cards or gifts

For the past few nights I’ve been getting button crazy and covering myself in glue but I’m super happy with the results. They don’t have to be complicated in design, it’s the thought, love and time which went into every single one which counts the most.