Add A Conscious Edge To Your Lifestyle With Cruelty-Free Fashion And Beauty

Most of us take a lot of pride in our appearances. It’s something that a lot of people, both men and women, spend a lot of time and money on – all in an effort to look good. It can be worth it as well; after all, looking good on the outside can give you confidence on the inside, and who doesn’t love that glow?! However, there is often a price to pay when it comes to looking beautiful.

Animals play a huge role in the beauty, fashion, and fitness industries – from our makeup is tested on them, or animal products are put in our food. This can put an unsavoury edge on everything from your favourite face wash to your leather jacket. If you are concerned about the welfare of animals, but also don’t want to give up your favourite products, it can often be difficult to know where to turn. There is also a common conception that cruelty-free products are hard to find, or that they are very expensive. But in reality, this is not the case. If you want to make more aspects of your life cruelty-free, here are some ways in which you can do it.

Change up your skincare

Many of us are very particular about our skincare routine. Everyone’s skin is different, with some people suffering from dryness, whilst others are oily-skinned. Finding a routine that works for you can take years to perfect, so there’s little wonder that so many of us are reluctant to switch from our usual products. But you may, in fact, find that cruelty-free products are in fact kinder on your skin. Many types of Vegan Skincare rely on a lot of natural ingredients, which are less likely to clog up your pores, resulting in breakouts. Carried by Foxes and Niomi Smart have both tried out some great products and it’s worth checking out their content for some recommendations.

Adopt a new diet

A huge proportion of us spend a lot of time on a diet – or at least watching what we eat. But studies show that people who adopt a lifestyle change rather than going on a diet will keep the weight off for longer – and feel better in the process too. Why not try moving to a vegan diet? Being a vegan means that you remove all animal products from your diet, and it can be a viable and healthy way to live.

But if, like me, that lifestyle isn’t for you just change the diet up a little, buy organic/free-range and don’t be scared to try a vegetarian dish or two – I actually find that it is a great way to mix up dinner options.

Watch what you wear

Silk, suede, leather, fur… all essentials of every fashionista’s wardrobe, but all also animal products. There are many campaigns out there aimed at dissuading people from wearing animal skin and fur as fashion items, and it’s easier than you think to remove them from your closet. Simply make a move to fake (or ‘faux’) versions. As well as being cheaper, they are much easier to clean and take care of. Plus, the characteristics of faux products have improved drastically in recent years, meaning you no longer have to compromise on quality.