New Year, New You. Does it really last?

Ever year we see our social media feeds fill with New Year’s resolutions and pledges of New Year, New You. But does it really last? Are we not just kidding ourselves? Does it really last? Realistically we all know the honest answers to those questions but how can you make life improvements for 2017 and most importantly – is there anything which will see them beyond January?

Be Realistic and Invest in the Long Term

This seems obvious but think back to 2016, what did you achieve? Setting yourself monthly goals instead of yearly ones is a great way to start. Invest in a planner or a notebook and always find the time each month to get on top of shit – we don’t want life turning into a unraveled ball of wool, do we?

Or better yet, join the Bullet Journal hype. Check out but Lazy Genius CollectiveTiny Ray of Sunshine,  Cerries Mooney or have got some great tips on starting out.

Reflect more than just the New Year

I started something at the tail-end of 2016, I began a journal…of sorts. It’s a combination between a bullet journal, a diary and just a plain old list. Basically it’s a way of reflecting which helps me stick to my goals and notice what I have achieved (no matter how big or small). I have a notebook with some blogger cliche catchphrase on the front (but who can resist motivational stationary?) where I create a bullet list of what things I have achieved. Be positive. No room for negativity in this book. I create a new month page and each week add to my list. You will soon notice there is so many good things happening.

It is important to note that there will be bad days, weeks or maybe months but each list will vary in length. That’s okay, life is like a roller coaster for a reason but this will help to change your perspective and focus.

Don’t try and change all at once. It won’t last.

You might be a superwoman in your right (who isn’t) but there is no way you can change everything you want too in one month. Make a list of things you want to change – these then become your monthly goals (which feed into your monthly reflections, see how this all ties together?)

Take time for yourself

Everyone has their own way of taking time to themselves – adult colouring, exercise, craft, bubble baths, read a book, cuddle up with a cup of tea… The possibilities are endless but you will find your interest that takes you away to another place, away from reality. You will also find how often you need to do this to keep a balance.

And last but not least, which doesn’t need explaining…Always be you.