5 Simple Ways To Sass Up Your Stationery

You don’t have to be in school to love stationery. Although your school years may have been the reason that you fell in love with gorgeous stationery in the first place, your love of pretty pens, fun folders and neat little notebooks can still go on now that you’re all grown up. I’m a classic example, a graduate and full-time employee and still have a crush on the stationery cupboard.

When you have a home office, a creative hobby or a passion project that you work on in your spare time, you might actually find you need (yes, need) many more items of stationery than you might realise. If you’ve got a soft spot for pens and paper, then it might be time to sass up your hobby and upgrade to something a little more stylish.

Set A Theme

It’s incredibly fun to buy new items for your stationery collection or to store in your home office – especially when they often come in such cute designs. But, you don’t have to settle for a bunch of mismatched prints and a chaotic clash of items. Instead, you can work with a set theme that everything works into – even your decor. When you’re buying your items, make sure to pick your key theme beforehand and then opt for stationery elements that work with it. My current favourite theme, pastels and gold.

Get Yourself Organised

Then, you’re going to want to work on getting yourself organised and ready for every occasion. At the moment, you probably have printer and writing paper, pens, notebooks and maybe even envelopes lying around the home or stored away in your office. But, as a stationery fan, is that enough? It’s time to get your act together and ensure you have everything from your greeting cards and portfolios to finances and bills in order with stationery that fits each of those purposes.


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Shop Around

When you start to think about upping your collection or at least coordinating it a little more, you’re going to want to shop around. You could head to the local supermarket or your go-to stationery place, but you might find your options limited and lose the idea of a theme altogether. Instead, shop around. Know which sites and stores to buy from now and in the future. That way, when you need a wedding invitation, thank you card or even a new magazine file, you know where to go. My favourite places for stationery vary from Paperchase to Kikki.K to Wilkos! Where do you shop for your favourite pieces?

Get Creative

But, don’t be fooled into thinking that purchasing is the only option you have when it comes to sassing up your stationery. You can get creative and come up with some designs yourself, even if you’re not the most talented of artists. There are many tutorials on both YouTube and blogs for creating cool wrapping paper designs, personalised letterheads, and more. You just have to feel inspired, and then you’ll find an original idea that you can create.

Find A Helping Hand

If you don’t think you can do anything creative yourself, but you want to add a new dimension to the stationery collection you’ve built, you can find a middle ground. Whether you choose to buy pre-made kits that allow you to be creative but still keep things simple, or to purchase items handmade online or in your local area, you can make your stationery collection creative and one of a kind.

Watch this space for an upcoming stationery giveaway!