How To Jazz Up Your Daily Work Wardrobe

Let’s be honest, no one likes to get up early and go to work. As a population we aren’t accustomed to getting out of bed early to get ready for work, especially as workwear can be so epically boring! Suits for men tend to have a different shirt colour or pattern on a day to day basis, a different tie perhaps. But ultimately, a suit is a suit and it looks the same. Dashingly handsome, but the same. For women, we get more options but again they tend to stay the same. Skirt suit, trouser suit, dress – and all usually in dark colours to fit the uniform look of a business.

Professional, sharp and neat are all words that conjure an image of uniformity and that image is a pretty dull one! Like with school uniforms, workwear is designed for people to look smart and focus on their job rather than focus on anything that may resemble a personality. In fact, more and more offices are moving toward a casual dress sense to allow people to feel more comfortable in their skin. The more comfortable their staff feel, the better they work. It’s science… or something like that.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Even if you do have to wear something supremely dull and smart to work, you can still inject bursts of your own personality into your outfit without being overly obvious. 

Wearing pieces of jewellery that stand out such as a different brooch for every day of the week. You could Buy Pearl Jewellery, especially if you have a birthday in June as that is the birthstone for that month. Different earrings, necklaces and hair clips can even brighten the most boring black, grey and blue suits. Workwear doesn’t have to be overly boring and splashes of colour here and there can really make a difference to your overall look.

Buy a brightly coloured handbag that will stand out when you walk. No one really likes the idea of being stared at, but if you’re drawing attention to yourself because your look is impressing people, then that’s a good thing! You could start an office trend by wearing discreet flowers in your hair, or donning a waistcoat in a funky purple colour. You can still show your personality in your clothes without breaking the rules of uniformity.

My favourite edition to my work wear wardrobe are my gorgeous brogue-style shoes in rose gold. Partnered with some navy-pinstripes and a cute shirt or jumper – personality without being in your face (and comfy too).

Just because you are an employee, doesn’t mean you are not an individual. As long as you are careful and not vulgar about the clothing and accessories you choose, you can shine at your desk and brighten up that dreary Monday just by being yourself.

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