Time to Treat Yourself

Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings and even Easter; we are constantly giving presents of some description to each other. Before you know the festive main present season will be around the corner and you’ll trundle round spoting everything you would like but not likely to get and hoping what you are buying is the right thing. But what about you? How throughout the year can you do little, and inexpensive, things to treat yourself?

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to justify anything.

I mean I’m not saying going crazy and buy everything you actually want and been lusting over on Pinterest but you have to look after yourself. You will have listened, absorbed, advised, been the shoulder to cry on and if we can’t treat ourselves then what is the point in treating anybody else? Worried about the cost? Minimise, be practical and think about what you really really want. And remember it doesn’t have to be expensive.

eBay to your heart’s content

There’s a great knack to this website, in that you can find out what the cheapest listing is with postage & packaging included, and set yourself up for receiving a bargain. Silly little things can perk up even the gloomiest of days, and so the top recommended tip is to search for things like stationery, socks, jewellery and small furnishings like fridge magnets, which are all listed on there for prices that can’t even be explained.

The best buys (and prices) are usually send from places such as China and Hong Kong and can take a fair few weeks to come through… by the time you receive them you will probably have forgotten you placed such an order. But at least the parcel will make you smile. A gift from past you to present you – wow, you’re so thoughtful!

Jewellery forever

If you’re not too fussed about the many week waiting time for gifts arriving from a faraway land then keeping your business local is the alternative. Beautiful bracelets, necklaces and other such jewellery never needs an explanation, and it will always be able to add a certain je ne sais quoi to spice up an outfit. Sterling silver bracelets for women will never go out of style and go with practically everything, so that’s a gift that will go down a treat with yourself. Say thank you to yourself for being so kind to consider this.

Time is of the essence

One thing that you can’t buy as a gift for yourself is time – but you can still give it. Free up your schedule and evaluate what is necessary in your life. If you are stressed, find the root of it and clean it out of the bad stuff (if possible – if it’s your job then it’s not so easy, but if it’s a toxic friendship then never look back). Take some time to yourself; you are the one person in this world who knows yourself the best. Have a colouring session, have a cup of tea (or two), take a bath, listen to music, whatever works for you – get reacquainted with yourself and relax.