5 best things about being in a new relationship

Back in the land of 2016 I wrote a piece about dating and getting your mojo back (or making sure you never lose it). At the time I was single, new to the dating scene and not wanting to let my break-up define my live in a negative way. I did something out of my comfort zone, got straight back out there – I downloaded a world famous app and gave it go. Little did I know that one of the first people I matched with was going to become such a huge part of my life. I don’t like to share my relationship on this corner of the internet that is petitetealover.co.uk but I wanted to share the best things about being in a new relationship. One thing I have learnt is that they don’t just belong in the early beginnings, relationships can be defined in many ways – it’s up to you on how you want to define yours.

You care 110% more about your appearance when going on a date

No matter how much you try and deny this fact you are out to impress, you put a pretty dress on (maybe even treat yourself to a new one) and some make up and oh my gosh, you have even fixed your hair! But it’s not just something you’ve thrown on, oh no – it’s an ensemble which you have considered for hours, if not days before the day approaches. Standard typical female.

Love hibernation

You go through a phase (especially in the winter) what I like to call love hibernation. You don’t go out and do cute things together, dinners out become less frequent and transform into a takeaway and snuggles under the blanket. But it’s not just on the odd occasion, no we are talking regular occurrence.

Break love hibernation

This can be hard to do especially with thundersnow threatening any potential plans you might make or have made but make them none-the-less – and stick to them. Breaking the love hibernation is still one of the best things about being in a new relationship, it challenges you to be creative with things to do. Have an indoor picnic, go and see an exhibition, cinema, or maybe even a nice refreshing walk.

Everything instantly becomes exciting again

That film or progamme that you have watched but your other half hasn’t. Watch it again. You can be amazed how exciting it can be to watch it for the 461263 time. You get excited for birthdays, family meals, Valentine’s Day, weekends – nothing too small is missed. For me just cooking for two has been amazing and next on the menu Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolates… perfect for this wintery weather that repeatedly seems to grace us with it’s presence.

Nothing else seems to matter

If the relationship is heading down a great road when you spend time with that person everything else drifts away. If you are lucky enough this stays throughout but there is nothing better than being able to escape to what feels like a whole new world. Now where’s the magic carpet ride?