Homemade Limoncello Ready For Summer

Limoncello is an Italian liquor which is surprisingly simple to make but if you try to buy it from the shops it is very expensive. This recipe is very cheap and only needs three ingredients. It takes some time but it is definitely worth it.

All you need for this is a 350 ml bottle of vodka, 2 lemons and sugar. I would also recommend getting a clip top jar like a Kilner jar to make it easier.DSC_0549

Step 1: The Vodka

Clean out the Kilner jar making sure it is sterile as the vodka and lemons are going to make this their home for the next few months. Now I would recommend a cheap vodka as it works a bit better and there is less flavour to it but if you already have some you want to use up or an excuse to get some nice vodka in, it should give the same result. Whatever vodka you use pour 350 ml into the jar.

Step 2: The Lemons

Take the lemons and make sure they are unwaxed, if they are waxed you can take the wax off in hot water and give it a good scrub. Once the lemons are cleaned you should take a peeler and take the peel of the lemon off but be careful not to have any of the pith on the peel.DSC_0552

If you leave the pith on it will turn the liquor bitter and will not be nice. once you have peeled both lemons add the peel to the vodka and leave it to sit somewhere out the way for 2-3 months. If you want you can just have it on the side of the kitchen somewhere and when you have a lemon to use in another recipe, you can peel the outside and just add it to the liquor as you go. Something you can do, as a reminder is to write the date and the strength of the vodka on the side of the jar before leaving it.


Step 3: The sugar

Once the lemon peel has steeped for 2-3 months remove the peel and add 100g of sugar. Taste the limoncello and then start adding the sugar by the teaspoon until it tastes correct. If you want to make the limoncello taste stronger you can add the juice to it, however, this will make the liquor cloudy._20170414_191218

Once the limoncello is ready you can bottle it and place it in the freezer ready to be served ice cold on that hot summer day.