The Great British Tea Dunking Alternative | Review and Giveaway

Dunking a biscuit of choice in your tea is often highly debated for which has the best ‘dunkability’. Wired explored this theory and even applied science in the ultimate biscuit dunk test. Personally, I’m partial to a rich tea or a bourbon but when The Great British Biscotti Company announced in March a biscotti exclusively geared at tea dunkers I had to try it!

What is biscotti?
Biscotti is a twice-baked, oblong-shaped biscuit typically served in Italy as an after-dinner dessert (sorry After Eight’s). Since they are very dry, biscotti is traditionally served with a drink and often dunked and for too long now coffee drinkers have monopolised biscotti dunking.

Isn’t biscotti best with coffee?
Known for it’s almond flavour you can see why it would accompany the flavours of a coffee superbly but no more are the tea drinkers of the world restricted to the single flavour or dunking stereotype thanks to The Great British Biscotti Company. Just a couple of months ago, they revealed the Honey, Lemon and Ginger flavoured biscotti but how was it in comparison to my favourite dunking biscuit?

Impressions and dunk test
Unlike some of the other flavours in the sweet biscotti range, this particular flavour doesn’t have any pieces in it and in fact looks quite plain and I was a little underwhelmed, especially after trying the sweet almond one first… But after a dunk and taste I found I was hit with the perfect balance of ginger, lemon and a subtle sweetness from the honey. In terms of ‘dunkability’ it’s got to be up there with the rich tea and bourbon biscuits. It holds together very well post dunk – in fact there was no casualties to the tea! The blend of flavours marries beautifully and despite me thinking it would remind me of a Lemsip it did not at all. I definitely think it was the honey notes which made this biscotti a tasteful success.

Would you recommend it?
Hands down yes. I liked the flavour combination of the honey, lemon and ginger which complemented a good cup of tea. I’ve definitely preferred having the twin packs on hand as opposed to a 100g box – but imagine if you had one of those in a little cafe, it would be delightful!

In celebration of the alternative dunk and National Tea Day I have teamed up with The Great British Biscotti Company to bring you the opportunity to win a selection of a generous mix of all the sweet and savoury offerings.

This giveaway is now closed.