TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti Ageing Moisturiser: Expectations vs Reality

If you said to me about a year ago about all-natural products I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. Horrifying as that might be to read to some but I just was one of these people who didn’t care what was in products as long as it produced results. But since being introduced to what life is like being a vegan by blogger Will, and becoming friends with Megan from carriedbyfoxes.com who writes about cruelty-free and natural products, I discovered that I might have been wrong.

Since I’ve been learning about new products and ranges, I’ve uncovered a whole new world of cruelty free and I’m no longer afraid to try new natural products. So when TIANA invited me to try the Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti Ageing Moisturiser I thought I would give you my full run down of why products like these didn’t use to appeal to me and my thoughts on the tested product.

Why wasn’t I bothered about cruelty free?
Honestly, it’s just my personal state of mind. I didn’t question where it came from or how it came to be, I just used the products because I liked the results they gave. When I consider it a little deeper, I realise that the packaging sometimes can be less ‘glossy’ and finished but look at The Body Shop proving me wrong instantly. That shows that I had a lack of knowledge but thanks to the power of the internet and understanding that there are small ways you can make changes to your lifestyle.

What’s the product?
TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti Ageing Moisturiser.

What did I use before?
I used to use Nivea Soft as my daily face moisturiser and loved the way it tackled my dryness around my cheek bone area. But did it make my skin feel touchably smooth and glowing? Honestly, only if used for a long period of time in a regular routine.

What were my expectations?
When the parcel first arrived I was still dubious on trying all-natural. I found myself questioning the packaging, the smell and in a way pre-judging before I had even opened the parcel, let alone test the product. My initial thoughts mirrored my pre-judgement though. I didn’t like the packaging that much and definitely didn’t like the smell – I felt it was too old for me. But I persevered through and continued to use the moisturiser for over two weeks.

What was the reality?
Simply – I love it. Normally I hate using oil on my skin as I don’t feel like it soaks in very well and often still feels dry and instead just left feeling greasy – but not with this. I used a small pea sized amount all over my face every day for over two weeks and only just started to make a dent in the jar. I’ve used it on dry patches of skin around my thumb and noticed that it has been helping to heal that too.

One downside would be the glass jar. If the product melts on you a bit (much like a tin of Vaseline), it’s still useable, so a perfect holiday companion but the glass jar makes it prone to suitcase breakages so I would recommend transferring to a travel container before jetting off on a plane with it.

TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC provides great value, as it’s oil based you need far less per application. The moisturiser instantly melts into the skin and provides maximum hydration. I like to use it before applying my make-up but do find that I have to let it soak in properly before continuing on.

Having said that, the best bit is the way my skin feels – it’s super soft and on the days I combine with my face scrub in my routine it’s uncomparable to anything I’ve tried before. I’m pleasantly surprised this product and the hint of rose scent is not so bad once you get over the pre-judgment – but if you love rose scented products you are going to love this product.

Would you recommend this product?
I love the natural glow I’ve been getting in such a short space of time and would highly recommend the TIANA Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Moisturiser. It produces great results for your skin and if you are like me and unsure on where to start for all-natural this is a great first product try out. It’s affordable, vegetarian and vegan friendly – and once you’re finished why not upcycle the glass jar!


** I was kindly sent this product to review, but all views my own.