5 Combination Ideas Using Sweet and Savoury Biscotti

Biscuits. Everyone loves a good biscuit to dunk, or smash for a base to a cheesecake. You can’t deny that it’s a good addition to the cupboard. Earlier this year, I discovered biscotti, the alternative dunking option – and they aren’t just to go with coffee. But with a growing collection of flavours in the sweet and savoury ranges being announced by The Great British Biscotti Company, here are some suggestions for what to do with the some of the current flavours.

Parmesan & Fennel Biscotti with Smoked Salmon Pate

This is by far one of the best new snacks I’ve discovered recently. Fennel and salmon are a well known flavour combination but the parmesan just adds a touch of depth to this afternoon grazing option. A simple easy snack which you could take with you to the office, on a picnic or just as a quick fix for when you’ve just walked in the door.

Chunky Dark Belgian Chocolate with Chocolate Milk

I love a good milkshake or smoothie and one thing I am loving (especially in the warmer weather) is a cup of Alpro Soy Chocolate Milk chilled in the fridge with a spring of mint and some Chunky Dark Belgian Chocolate biscotti crumbled on top. I’m not dairy-free but there are some alternatives I genuinely prefer the flavour. If you want to be more adventurous with your milkshake why not try Sally’s Baking Addiction Skinny Mint Chocolate Milkshake with it crumbled on top as a garnish – yummy!

Indian Spice with Tomato Soup (Heinz or homemade)

Taking me by surprise, this combination is up there on making a tin of Heinz more interesting – just crumble a few pieces on top and it automatically adds a curry twist. I’ve tried this with the classic Heinz and homemade and frankly a perfectly good soup couldn’t get much better until I tried it.

Chorizo & Parmesan with a cheese board and pickles

I love a cheese and pickle plate at home for lunch but rather than going for the usual cracker why not mix it up with the Chorizo & Parmesan biscotti – or even both! Quick tip, why not try it with some cream cheese and parma ham with an optional cornichon to top (would make a fantastic canapé for those summer parties!)

Honey, Lemon & Ginger with a british cuppa

Lastly and possibly the simplest combination I could recommend, but this is my go to flavour (closely followed by the Simply Almond) for my afternoon tea brew. The twin packs are great for this but I personally prefer the smaller ones out of the 100g box so excuse me while I pop on the kettle and dunk away…

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