Honeybush Acai Berry Punch, The English Tea Shop Review

Picture this, a miserable spring day in the UK, outside the office window is grey skies and the threat of rain looming, nose stuffed up from a post travelling cold. What do you need? Tea!

Now the water at my office makes awful classic/builders tea, (not a reflection on the current brand of choice I will add) so I tend to stick to either coffee or mint/other fruity tea. So upon hearing my plight Michelle gave me a couple of the “Honeybush and Acai Berry Punch” by The English Tea Shop which I’m  reviewing here today. The first cup was brilliant, helped with my blocked nose (well the steamy drink did) tasted refreshing and light, yet also gave me enough energy to focus on the task at hand (miracle tea I was to think). The second cup did not disappoint several days later (and slightly less nose blocked by this tasting). This tea is light yet refreshing, the fruity taste is not over bearing, but still there, and is perfectly balanced with the ‘tea’ taste.

Overall I really enjoyed this tea, a perfect cup for light refreshment at anytime of the day, Michelle should really guard her stash!