Savse Jonagold Apple Juice: Expectations vs. Reality

When the UK gets a bit of gorgeous weather there are so many things we get excited to do – get the shorts on, BBQ out and discover new refreshing drinks. In expectations of a summer drink you want something which is light, refreshing and most importantly tasty. Now I’m a fan of iced tea and smoothies at home but when you are out about what can you get? There’s a whole variety of juices, smoothies and even flavoured waters. So with so many to choose from what can we can expect from a new kid on the block?

Savsé (sav-say), is the UK’s fastest growing smoothing brand, was founded by Guka Tavberidze who was inspired by his mother’s homemade recipes. Their juices and smoothies are proudly cold-pressed which allow the ingredients to retain the essential goodness and fresh taste of the whole fruit and vegetables.

Launched in 2013, the award-winning drinks has seen stockists grow and I got the chance to taste one of their juices. Described on the bottle as ‘just like biting into a Jonagold Apple’, it sets up for some high expectations. Using only one variety of apple and a process called HPP, Savsé claim to create the most refreshing apple juice out there. I have one word to describe this apple juice, wow. As a fan of a cloudy juice I was dubious that there was something out there which could replace my favourite Copella brand…

I would highly recommend this product, hitting the shelves in more places I get excited to see it in my local Tesco in both 250ml and 750ml. It is a very moment when a product matches the expectations set by the brand. Maybe next time I’ll pick up their smoothies…!