First 5 Wedding Anniversaries | Gift Guide

After all the effort, momentum and  the countdown is over and the knot has been tied, the time together is measured in wedding anniversaries. Giving gifts to celebrate a wedding anniversary is a historic tradition which dates back to the middle ages, but more recently commercialism led to more anniversaries being represented by a named gift.

Whether you are a husband looking for that gift for your (better) other half or a family member wanting to make the present extra special but have no idea what those themes are, then look no further. Here is our breakdown guide to the first 5 wedding anniversaries and gift ideas for him or for her. Throughout you will see mention of personalisation; whilst there are many reasons why this is a great idea, let’s face it – it’s the simple first step to making your gift extra special!

1st Anniversary – Paper

We use paper on a daily basis without even realising from reading the newspaper to making a note in, well a notebook. But why not use these every day items as a starting point for gift ideas?

Personalised notebooks are a great way to make a simple gift extra special and are available for such a large scope of budgets. From Moleskine to Funky Pigeon, all you have to do is let the power of Google led the way simply search “personalised notebooks” and I’m sure you will have a string of results.

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

You might think, this one isn’t going to be easy but look all around you… tea towels, dressing gowns, cushions and bedding – there are plenty of every day touches you can turn into fantastic gift ideas. From his and hers bathrobes, to a cozy cushion for them to cuddle up with or even inject some love into the dirty dishes with a tea towel!

3rd Anniversary – Leather

There is something to be said about reaching the third wedding anniversary as a couple. It’s a milestone and if treated with love and care can flourish into many more years together, hopefully forever. Leather is a material that is exactly like this anniversary (and probably why they were paired together). Did you know that leather is probably the most thoughtful gift you could personalise?

Pandora have been a staple in the gifting area for a while and they do leather bracelets! Combine with the initials of your loved one and or their favourite animal – there are so many ways to make this extra special and personal. Gift ideas for men when it comes to leather could be classed as the nice and easy one; a new wallet or a new belt – why not think outside of the box with a personalised leather keyring or why not explore Oliver Sweeny’s Leather Tattoo Service for a nice pair of brogues?

Ahem, bags aren’t just for women you know (although it is a fact that a new bag is a winner gift always) and they also come in a variety of shapes sizes and purposes. From rucksacks to holdalls and wash bags there are plenty of options. If you want to buy quality, check out our top tips on buying a luxury bag but in terms of brands, check out MAHI – they’ll even do internal embroidery for that extra touch!

4th Anniversary – Fruit/Flowers

Now husbands, don’t think that this is the opportunity to be lazy and get a quick win by organising a bunch of flowers… I mean yes you could, but why not go that extra distance and name a rose after your loved one?

Fruit is a little trickier to add a personal touch, but a simple homemade hamper would do the trick. Pop to your local supermarket and pick up their favourite fruits and place in a simple picnic basket or hamper. Ta-dah!

You could get really creative with this one though, I’m talking edible fruit bouquets (yes that’s both fruit and flower themed!).

5th Anniversary – Wood

Now this anniversary theme potentially is the one with the most options. I’ve purchased a personalised wooden spoon for this exact reason (just to be extra quirky) but there are so many options. Pens, pencils, chopping boards, keepsake boxes, luggage tags… I could go on as the possibilities are so varied. My favourite idea (and actually probably one of the cheapest) is a simple wooden frame with a photo from the wedding day.

Now this gift guide only gives you an ideas for the first five anniversaries but we hope that if you are looking for a gift that it gives you some tips in the right direction whatever year is being celebrated!