Meet Charlotte, our new tea lover

Hi! My name is Charlotte, I’m very excited to be joining the gang.

I am a forty something life lover. My family is number 1, then photography, the beach and travel come soon after. I enjoy eating out, ballroom dancing and Postcrossing (a pen pal project).

I make the most of any time away from work, even if it is just going for a walk.

My philosophy is…. You only have one life, SO LIVE IT.

What is your favourite type (and/or brand) of tea?

Twinings Everyday or Teapigs Jasmine Pearls.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

So much choice but Canada or South Africa look amazing.

What is your favorite book?

Summer in the City by Candace Bushnell  

If you could go back in time, what date would you travel to?

23rd April 2009

What star sign are you?


Would you rather…?

Read on a Kindle or paperback book?


Go to the theater or a movie?

Theatre! I LOVE musicals.

Swim in a pool or the ocean?

Ocean, especially the Caribbean! 

Camp in an RV or stay in a tent?

RV. Camping is to primitive for me.

Watch, Star Wars, or Star Trek?

I have never seen Star Wars, so I’ll go for Star Trek, especially the original stuff.

Check out my post talking about Postcrossing and watch out for more coming soon!