12 Summer Lace Dresses for Under £100

Has lace every really ever been out of fashion? It’s gone in and out as a seasonal trend but it’s always been a staple. But even when you see fiction rocking the lace – like the heroines in ‘Game of Thrones’ – how could you not consider a piece for your wardrobe?! It’s flirty. It’s elegant. It’s timeless. And it’s sexy. A lace dress is one of those items which fits all of those words. Kate Middleton was seen channelling her inner Audrey Hepburn’s ‘My Fair Lady’ at Ascot earlier this week – with a high neckline and full skirt, this dress is an all rounder and suitable for a multitude of events, parties and functions. That’s just one reason why lace is a summer wardrobe must have.

In the nude

I own four lace dresses… and I am not ashamed. My first lace dress was a simple nude sleeveless number from Wallis for a work event back in 2013! I have worn it to weddings and summer garden parties many a time since and it’s super flexible. Add a splash of colour in the accessories or keep it simple with sparkly accessories, the possibilities and wear are endless.

1. River Island, £75 // 2. AX Paris, £35 // 3. Little Black Dress, £65

Splash of colour

As soon as I saw this red less dress online I knew I had to at least try it on. There was no surprise when it found itself as an addition to my wardrobe. I’m not normally one to go for a pop of colour, especially not red, but it surprising how it can lift a summer wardrobe so simply. LexiLife and Hannah Gale have shone in some simple yet red numbers on their instagram feed this summer and proved that it doesn’t just have to be through lace to be a wardrobe must have.

1. ASOS, £75 // 2. Dorothy Perkins, £30 // 3. AX Paris, £40

Winter might be coming but black isn’t just for winter

Generally the colour black is associated with a host of different things but not summer. Just even placing the thought of wearing black probably fills you with dread, confusion and images of becoming sweaty mess. But we are famous for our unpredictable summers here in Britain. As I type this we have just had a day of rain after over a week of glorious sunshine, so I leave this one with Vogue to convince you:

Key word: versatile. Because the best thing about summer black? You can wear it in winter, too.

1. Oasis, £65 NOW £35 // 2. Dorothy Perkins, Izabel London £22 // 3. H&M, £24.99 NOW £17.99

Darker than a red rose

Burgundy is another colour for more seasons than just winter but I love dressing it with light pastel pinks and nudes for that transitional weather. Weather it’s a pastel lace dress with burgundy accents or the other way around, don’t rule out this often festive colour. Think of all those summer fruits; strawberries, raspberries and even tomatoes (yes it’s a fruit) and use it for your outfit inspiration.

1. Chi Chi, £64.99 // 2. ASOS, £85 NOW £51 // 3. Boohoo, £25

What colour is your favourite lace piece? And remember, lace is not just for one season it’s flexible, durable and an opportunity for an investment. But whichever shade you end up purchasing, you will look timeless, sexy, elegant and flirty all in one swift swoop.