Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Review

When a new formulation of make up comes about there is often a big hype on the world of internet, from videos to reviews and this product was no exception. Gracing the scene at the end of 2015, you could say I’m late to the party and well that wouldn’t be a lie, but the product didn’t come to the UK market until mid-2016 so it did make it harder to get hold of. I remember going away to Portugal last year, swanning into Sephora and having my heart set on buying this mascara. Yet, I didn’t get it. It was that they didn’t have it – they did – I just found other products I clearly wanted more. Rookie mistake. I should have tried this product. You should try this product. When I eventually did get a tube into my mits (thanks fellow blogger Leigh last Christmas – knows me well!) I haven’t looked back. Over 6 months on, it’s a regular product in the routine.

The packaging

Black and white, a classic combination. The box has a sleek, refined feel to it and it doesn’t stop there when you get into it and discover the tube – definitely emitting luxury vibes and feeling more expensive than the £22 price tag.

The brush

Hooray, a bristle brush! I have alway been a fan of the bristle brush, I’ve tried a multitude of mascaras in my time (no surprise being the most used product in my collection) but I generally find myself veering back to a bristle brush. It has an hourglass shape, which allows for the the lashes in the middle to be reached just as effectively as the ones on the corners.

The formula

If you want a mascara to make your eyes pop then this could be for you. It only comes in black, and I would describe as a blackest black – but super flattering rather than over powering. Combines with a fairly wet formula this product is buildable, but be patient it does take a little longer to dry than the average mascara but once completely set the result is flattering.

Final verdict

I kinda, sort of couldn’t hold my excitement and love for this product in the beginning. When I ran out of this recently and switched to my back up Rimmel Volume Shake it wasn’t the same I was pining for it to be back in my collection. Addicted. So yes, I think it’s safe to say I would recommend this product.

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John Lewis | £22