Watermelon Obsession | National Watermelon Day

Sometimes you can plan a post for a specific occasion but when you come to sit down and write it you are faced with mind block. It’s fricking National Watermelon Day – let’s face it the excitement just got in the way and was too much for me to handle. But nonetheless here we have it a watermelon themed blog post filled to the brim of well, watermelon.

The beginnings of an obsession

Imagine you are walking around Whole Foods killing some time and this wonderful bright packaging stares at you saying ‘buy me’. This is what happened a few months back when I discovered What A Melon water. Well that started the whole obsession. Since then it’s been all about the watermelon.

Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint Juice

I was casually browsing through insta stories (as you do) when Hannah Gale made me accidently on purpose stumble upon a gem. Frozen watermelon balls (haha, so immature *palm face*). Revolutionary. Well done tesco and welcome the taste of summer. I threw some in a blender with some fresh picked mint (from my now deceased plant), the leftover strawberries from the fridge and whizzed it all up in some hope it would be just a dreamy as I imagined. It was like cinema slushie – score! Since making this more often and ‘accidently’ adding some water to the blender, it has now become juice like but I love it just as much (nope that’s a blatant lie, waaaay more!). Check out the full recipe and two other summery drinks in our recent video – 3 Summer Drinks

Express yourself

When I’m not browsing through the gram or drinking my homemade watermelon juice, I’m catching up with blogs. Now this girl is currently up there with my favourite artists (even made some recent cheeky purchases from her Etsy store) but this make-up looks suits her personality down to the ground – creative and beautiful. Yes, Jemma only went and created a visionary watermelon inspired make up look (say whaaat). I love this look; it’s fun, bright and generally just makes me smile.

Image source: dorkface.co.uk

Watermelon fashion and homeware

Where do I even begin? The world has gone barmy for the fruity prints (myself included), from the pineapple to the watermelon this craze is not going anywhere. There are skirts, shorts, shoes and bags…heck even Poundland had a watermelon print tee (side note when did Poundland do clothing!?). Even my mum surprised me with a watermelon shaped candle (FYI it was from Primark)!

I’m currently collating prints for a feature wall for my room and when I discovered this lip ‘melon’ print well I just had get it. Other than that I am generally being picky (using the term loosely here) as to what I buy but with so much out there, it’s making choices that little bit more damn difficult not to buy all the watermelon….

So the watermelon obsession is strong within me right now and I am secretly loving every moment. Now before I go and devour (yet another) slice of the good stuff – what’s your favourite fruity print of the moment and your favourite fruity themed item you have purchased/ have your eye on?

Have a good one lovelies! ox


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