Trying something new | Flavour Generator from HelloFresh

There is such a saying that is ‘stuck in a rut’. This is very true to me for food. I have my go-to quick and easy meals for during the week and tend to only try something new on the weekends but when HelloFresh* challenged us to try out The Flavour Generator* it seemed like a good opportunity to break the mold and well, try something new. So Leigh and I got a date set in the diary and fired up the online gadget – we opted for Italian (because we were secretly hoping for pasta) and Tangy (because it sounded different). In return we had Sausage and Butterbean Stew (sounded yum, but didn’t really go with our Summery vibe) and Herby Steak with Potato and Spinach salad (bingo!) Confession time – we did spend a bit of time trying out lots of different variations and then decided we liked the first thing that came up and couldn’t remember the combo….

As lovers of steak we knew that this dish was going to be a winner and considering in 25 minutes we also made a fresh dressing – who could ask for anything more! It was super easy (especially as we worked together to get it prepped cooked and cleaned up the kitchen as we went) and wow what a surprise! I’m not going to lie to you I was worried about not being full (you know salad for dinner…) but boy I was wrong. There was enough of a balance between meat and potatoes to spinach and even the sauce. It might have crawled its way into my weekly cooks (especially as it will last until the next for lunch!)

In short, I was wrong to think that new meals only had to be tried and tested and the weekend when you have more time to devote to them but having a simple tool such as The Flavour Generator* really does help with the inspiration. Are you stuck in a weekday rut? I challenge you to break your routine and try something new during the week – you never know it might make it into the weekly options!


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