The Perfect Accompaniment to The Great British Bake Off

I can’t believe that it is nearly a year since the news fell on us that The Great British Bake Off was no longer going to be on the BBC. Then it followed that the dynamic duo Mel and Sue would no longer be hosting the show. The world of social media fell into turmoil and distress as the well-loved show began to become something unknown. And then the final blow. No Mary Berry. I don’t fault her for sticking with the BBC it seemed like enough decent reason. Confession time – Paul is my favourite so I’m glad he’s sticking around… *shock face, so controversial!* 

But tomorrow (Tuesday 29 August 2017) the show returns to its new home on Channel 4 with it’s new presenters, a new judge, new challenges, new contestants and Paul Hollywood. Will it have the same wit? Will it bring the same mouth-watering baking love to our living rooms? Only time will tell.

There is one challenge we all, as watchers, will have to face – fighting the hunger and desire for all baked goods. I’ve tried to time my dinner around the bake off in the past but let’s be honest it is not the most practical solution. So when it didn’t work out I used to have a cuppa but it didn’t really eliminate the problem, in fact it probably made it worse. Enter Twinnings Lemon Drizzle Green Tea. This variation was launched earlier in August for Afternoon Tea Week and I swiftly got my hands on it (thanks to Charlotte). It is THE perfect tea match for GBBO.

Minimal calories & health benefits

No cake needed with this brew. It’s both tea and cake in one, meaning it equals to a grand total of 4 calories per cup. Just 4. *insert shocked face* Oh but wait there is more… it’s a green tea – this means it has a higher concentration of antioxidants and health benefits!

Taste test

Sometimes these odd flavoured green teas can be a flop and tend to have the punch with the aroma only. I’ll be honest, when I first opened the box and my head was filled with the sweet smell of lemon drizzle I had set myself up for a fail of a product. HOW WRONG WAS I? This gorgeous tea is light, refreshing and like velvet on the palette.

Final verdict

I would highly recommend this tea, especially for bake off viewing. That reminds me to get another box before the show begins! Pop to the shop on the way home and get the kettle on before the baking begins!


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