Five Tips on Creating the Right Blog for You

I cannot believe that I started this blog nearly three years ago! Time flies when you are having fun and do you know what peeps? I am having a whale of time. But wow how this corner of the internet has changed. From starting out as a determined individual wanting to focus solely on tea and afternoon tea to realising I wanted to be writing about more of my interests (and there’s a lot of them!). Now I work with three friends (Leigh, Will and Charlotte) to bring you a whole variety of content. I love this bunch of tea lovers and the community we have created both online with you guys and amongst ourselves.

But what have I learnt along the way? Here are my five tips on creating the right blog for you.

Find your inspo/idols

Yes I’m talking about the gals (or guys) that inspired you to create a blog in the first place or continue to inspire you. Whether that be for an outfit, a content idea, a travel destination. Reading, following and interacting with other bloggers has been key to maintaining but also growing my space. Despite working with three others Petite Tea Lover still my corner of the internet but I work hard to ensure that they all have their voice and personalities. We are a team. They are my inspiration. You are my inspiration. I’m going to stop now it’s getting far to soppy in here.

Do your research

I remember sitting in uni lecturers thinking ‘snore, I’d rather be in bed rewatching Gossip Girl than listening to the importance of research for any project.’ I love researching for my job, for a blog post there is something exciting and exhilarating about it. I get side tracked so easily though and can often end with two many ideas and not enough on what I was originally looking at… But those poor lecturers were right. Research is so important (especially for outfits posts – score! THE perfect excuse for online browsing). Whether it’s for a post or you are even looking at starting up your own blog, it’s what gives you direction and make the best decisions.

Patience is a virtue

It’s not going to happen overnight. Boy, I learnt this the hard way. One time I lost faith in myself and wanted to throw the towel in on Petite Tea Lover and start again. I didn’t I changed my name to Michelle May Blog. I hated it even more. I stopped blogging. I lost following and statistics. Lesson from this experience; consider your options and take the time. This means doing your research and not rushing into it.

No pressure

Who are you doing it for? Why are you doing it? Don’t add the pressure onto yourself to deliver X number of posts a week on X days if it doesn’t work for you. If you are doing it for enjoyment, take the time to create your content (see how these are linking together). Yes there may be snags like the instagram algorithm which you have to take in consideration for growing your channel but find a formula that works for you. Everyone is different.

Be yourself

This is the most important. I was inspired to write this very post which you are currently skimming over reading after stumbling across Hannah Gale’s ‘The blogging gap between what brands want and what readers want‘ post. Brands, readers and you is a mix that is hard to get right. My last piece of advice is use these tips to suit you and your style. Know what you want your content to be about. Have an idea on your direction for you blog. Research. Don’t be hard on yourself. Be confident. And finally enjoy it.

Hope these help you and I’d love to hear who inspires you. x