Savse Orange Juice

Savse is a recent addition to the shelves of supermarkets near you, I was intrigued by the interesting flavors but they are not my usual cup of tea (or in this case juice). So on a recent trip to Michelle’s house I was given the opportunity to try the orange flavour. This juice is lovely and refreshing, like the freshly squeezed stuff sold in hot countries (think Greece or Spain), its light and pulpy, with a slight citrus sharpness to it.

We also paired it with some ginger beer and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing summer mix – check out our summer drinks video (although they are good for all year around) for the recipe! Overall it was a great juice to try and I cant wait to try the rest of the Savse line!

Comment from Michelle
This is by far my favourite juice in the Savse range. The only issue is I have yet to come across the juices in a shop – I only seem to see the smoothies (although they are delicious too). I don’t normally like a juice with ‘bits’ in – find they get stuck in my teeth but this one doesn’t. I’ve also tried the Jonagold Apple Juice and the orange is definitely up there (if not better!)

*We were sent the Savse Orange Juice to review but views and pics are our own.