3 Years of Blogging and a Tea Giveaway

Warning! This post is a long un’ so settling in with a cuppa but keep reading as there just might be a giant tea giveaway!

As you get older time begins to just fly by and before you know it life has been turned upside down and you are in a totally different place from where you started. This blog started as a creative outlet for me just over three years ago. It was a place where I could share my love for tea and since then it has grown developed and now we have a lovely lifestyle blog created by myself, Leigh, Charlotte and Will. Of course true to the name we are all tea lovers but between us we write about a host of our favourite things – food, fashion, beauty and travel are to name a few!

If you are a regular reader of our little corner of the internet you might have noticed that we have been a shtum recently – we’ve been taking a well earned break to refuel and re-energise. But now we are back, with fresh ideas, new stories to tell and a new look. Welcome to Petite Tea Lover & Co.

The wonderful illustrator Jess (from English Rose Illustration) has beautifully captured our personalities and blog brand with our new logo. Each cup represents each writer and I couldn’t have got the design any better myself (and trust me I tried!). Thank you Jess for such a wonderful logo – go and check out her Facebook and Instagram!

So what are we doing to celebrate (other than you know some upcoming awesome content!)? Well the clue is in the title of this post – being true to our inner tea selves we each picked a tea (or two) and decided to through them altogether into a giant tea giveaway! Firstly, we wanted to tease your tastebuds and tell you a little more about some of the teas in the giveaway…


My favourite tea is the Pukka Three Mint* – a beautifully relaxing and refreshing green tea. This tea was one of the first teas I ever enjoyed drinking. The reason I love this tea is because it has a strong flavour of mint which is one of my all time flavours. It doesn’t have a flavour of green tea that is too strong so it creates a wonderful refreshing flavour.


It’s hard to describe why Twinings Buttermint* tea is my favourite… I found mint tea in general to be the gateway to the world of different tea (by different I mean not your usual builders concoction) and I always loved the butter mints in the mint collections – so when I saw a Buttermint tea I had to try it. And when I did finally try it, it was like I had found the ultimate in drink able sweets, it’s buttery and light, whilst being a delicious mint tea! That’s what earns it the top spot on my tea love list!


My two favourite teas are Twinings Everyday* tea and Teapigs Jasmine Pearls*. Twinings everyday is a robust tea that is easy to drink anytime of the day. As I like a strong brew, this is perfect for me served with the smallest splash of milk. Made with of four types of tea leaves, it is a tea for any occasion. Jasmine Pearls is the total opposite to the Everyday Tea. The combination of green tea and Jasmine flowers gives a delicate, floral fresh taste that instantly calms and relaxes. If you have a heavy weekend, it can make the ideal detox drink.


I have chosen to add two of my current favourites and you know they are winners when I tell you I am on my second box of both. Firstly, Twinings Lemon Drizzle* – a gorgeous tea which is light, refreshing and like velvet on the palette. (If you want more of a teaser, go and check out my review). Taylor’s Sour Cherry is again sweet but reminds me of my favourite fizzy sweets (the cherries, just fyi). I have had my eye on trying this tea for a while and was a last minute addition to the giveaway after I hoovered my way through a full box of this delightful sweet yet warming brew.

To enter all you have to do is like our page on Facebook page and share the giveaway post.

For a bonus entry; follow @petitetealover on twitter and RT the pinned giveaway tweet. 

You could win: ‘Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You’ mug, Twinings Buttermint, Teapigs Jasmine Pearls, Twinings Lemon Drizzle, Taylors of Harrogate Sour Cherry, Newby Rooibos Orange, Pukka Three Mint and Twinings Everyday.

The usual boring stuff.. (aka T&Cs) – You can enter all three ways but there is only one prize. The winner will be selected at random. You must still be following the profiles or liking the page when the winner is chosen. The giveaway is open from Wednesday 27 September to Tuesday 17 October 11.59pm UK time. Unfortunately, the competition is NOT open internationally just to the UK.

Good luck!

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