So You Want To Start Doing Nails?

Are you fed up of sitting in that nail chair making small talk? Or do you just want to save a little money – then carry on reading!

Since I was younger I always had an interest in doing nails, ever since the time I got a giant set of polishes for Christmas, but I never had long enough nails. This led to my interest in false nails… Reality caught up with me and I started working – in a supermarket, which meant I couldn’t wear anything on my nails every day. This didn’t stop my interest from growing, except instead of doing my own nails, I was doing my friends. In the last few years in particular, I have grown a good selection of gel polishes and learnt to apply acrylics.

Getting started

Doing your own nails can be as easy or hard as you make it, the first thing you need to think about is how much time do you have to upkeep them each week, and also how much patience have you got to practice? Then decide what you want do. Learning to do a basic manicure and taking care of your nails and hands can do you wonders, you can start with this for the price of a manicure set (think file and cuticle pushers), a bottle of cuticle oil, and a few polishes.

Gel polish

If you’re quite hard on your nails, gels polish can be a great step to making your polish last longer. YouTube can be a great resource for finding application and care tutorials. To start with gels you will need a few basics; lamp, polishes, cleanser primer, and of course a manicure kit and cuticle oil. Whilst a start up kit can be more pricey there are still good deals to be had and you don’t need to spend a fortune on the kit to get good long lasting – Amazon* do some great starter kits, and blue sky gels from eBay are great quality at a good price.

Practice makes perfect

So last but not least, you have plenty of practice time and hardly any nails to start with? Acrylic nails could be an idea for you, they can be learnt at home, but they take a great deal of practice to do well. I’d recommend starting with a good kit, brands such as Naio sell to non-qualified people, or you can buy a kit in conjunction with a course (stay away from the £10 Chinese eBay kits). If you go down the course route there is at home courses, such as the one I completed from Essentials Nails. Or there are classroom courses from somewhere like Sally’s. But there are tons of tutorials around on YouTube and generally online.

So once you’ve decided what you’re doing, what’s next? With the tips above in mind, decide on what kit you are going to buy and then head to YouTube and have a look at some tutorials, or explore some online courses. Then it’s time to get practicing.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your creations with us on Twitter and Instagram (@petitetealover or @leggibone).

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