6 Healthy Alternatives For Every Day Foods

Since 2018 is almost here (only a few more sleeps until Christmas!), plenty of people are begin to consider the sorts of resolutions that they want to have for the coming year. While there are many resolutions to choose from, the most popular every year seems to be getting more healthy or losing weight. If you are one of those that want to undertake this challenge, then you’re probably looking for ways to make your meals a little healthier. Now whilst we think about all the food we are about to indulge, I’ve thought ahead and compiled a list of foods that you can easily swap to a more healthy alternative ready for 2018.

Image source: Pixabay

Plain Yogurt & Fruit vs Flavoured Yoghurt

It is so easy to grab a strawberry yogurt everytime you feel peckish, but whilst yoghurt is great and a healthy snack for throughout the day a flavoured yoghurt contains a fair amount of sugar. Instead, buy plain yoghurt or plain greek yoghurt, and add your own fresh fruit for flavour. It’s great added to cereal too!

Almond Milk vs Cow’s Milk

I have a funny relationship with milk so over the last year I have been discovering the alternatives. Both almond milk and cow’s milk are both packed with important nutrients, and are both relatively healthy for you, as long as they’re drunk in moderation. However, if you’re looking to ingest fewer calories per day, without having to sacrifice a cup of coffee or two, then unsweetened almond milk contains fewer – and fruity teas are a great combat too…

Maple Syrup vs Sugar

Most people consume way more sugar per day than they need to be, so it’s important to find alternative wherever you can. Maple syrup is one of these alternatives; It contains higher levels of beneficial nutrients than cane sugar, as well as antioxidants, which can help to prevent disease. However, you should still eat it in moderation, as you would do with normal sugar.

Lettuce Leaves vs Taco Shells

If you’re a fan of tacos, then why not switch out your shells for a couple of lettuce leaves. It won’t taste quite the same, but it will contain a lot fewer calories and will give you some laughs as you’re trying not to drop all of the meat. It will also have the signature crunch of a taco shell.

Whole Grain Bread vs White Bread

It’s known world-wide that whole grain is healthier than white, so I couldn’t not mention it. Whole grain bread contains whole grain kernels, and so also contains all of the nutrients from those grains. This makes it healthier than white, which has had bran and germ removed.

Image source: Pixabay

Frozen Fruit vs Canned Fruit

Ah the fruit catch twenty-two. It’s important for you to eat your five-a-day every single day so that you’re getting a good amount of vitamins and minerals. While this five-a-day can be made up in a variety of ways sometimes it’s easier to fall to the unhealthier options such as canned fruit. Well it’s up there as being one of the most unhealthiest as it has extra sugar and added preservatives. Don’t get through fresh quick enough, freeze it or buy it ready frozen – there are tons of options in the supermarkets now-a-days.

If you’re looking to get a bit more healthy in 2018, then your diet is a great place to start. Starting is one thing and I hope this post has helped you consider the alternatives, but my top tip is to plan your meals – it’s the perfect excuse to get one of those weekly planners you’ve been eyeing up!