2018, planning for the year ahead

I have had this yo-yo relationship with blogging and I’ve not been able to blog consistently for various reasons. Life either got too busy and in the way, or I’ve had the experience of writers block. 2017 has been an unusual but fantastic all the same. From finding some fabulous talent in inspirational people, to getting a new logo and smashing my social targets.

I’ve learnt a lot about blogging throughout the years and planning your content is such an important part of that. More than you might think. I hated planning my content religiously it took away the fun/spontaneity, but there is a trick to it. You don’t have to plan every little detail but having just an outline is a great start. For Christmas I got given a beautiful Laura Ashley notebook, which also happens to match my diary (winner!) and so it was the perfect place to start my new found inspiration for content. I have filled a fair few the pages with general ideas, more specific ideas and a list for January on the content I would like to produce.

I’ve always admired bullet journals, and Lily Pebbles does a fantastic guide on what one is and how to make the most of it. I didn’t think my approach was one as such, but as bulletjournal.com describes it;

a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

I realised that it was exactly what I had created. Without even trying.


A New Year’s Resolution quite often are made with the greatest intent to keep them but most being given up on by the end of January. I’ve decided to keep mine simple; to write and send more letters to family and to those through Postcrossing, and to produce more content and more consistently.

Blogging goals

I have my own blogging goals too in addition to these resolutions and hopefully I will achieve some, if not all of them.

1. I want to publish one post a week (at least) whether that be my own content or one of the other writers here at Petite Tea Lover & Co.

2. Beat our monthly average readership and social media targets. It’s important to keep growing and aspiring to where you want to be. All of my goals feed into this one but it is one I have a huge determination to complete.

3. Get new business cards, I have only a few left from my previous design and with a new logo it would seem silly not too.

4. Create a media kit. You hear a lot about these in the blogging world, especially if you want to get more opportunities and I have been meaning to get around to creating one of these for a very long time.

Hopes and dreams

The biggest goal of all is to save for a house. I have recently moved in with my boyfriend, and his parents but whilst that can seem daunting (especially to someone who has not lived with a parent for 6 years!) the longer term goal is to have our own space to call home and ready for the life adventures to come.

This is what I hope to achieve, what are your hopes and dreams for 2018?