StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner, fab or flop?

It been a while since I’ve heard anything about the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner. Back when it first came out it was a hit, selling out on their website rapidly and I couldn’t understand all the fuss, but whilst I was stood at the sink cleaning far too much makeup off my far too many brushes (because who has time to clean them regularly?) with a scrubbing pad and brush cleanser, there were people using this on a 2-3 weekly basis.

What does it do?

It eliminates the need to stand for hours at the sink, it also promised to no longer have 3 days of wet makeup brushes. Tall promises from a small device. So a little while after all the hype has died, Michelle reminded me of its existence (and its large price tag!) we sort of decided we needed one, but it was far too much money for us to spend out at that time, until, walking around Costco I found it! A steal at £30 with VAT! I picked one up, I didn’t even hesitate.

I set myself up at the kitchen table, a pot of makeup brushes that I wonder why I’m still putting near my face, this device and a couple sheets of kitchen roll laid out to lay them on. I set up the device and prepared the little bowl of water/cleanser. I decided to start with an eyeshadow brush, the fluffy pound shop one (that actually does a good job!) I dunk it in the water and start the spinning, 30 seconds in the water, around 10 above it and the layers of brown eyeshadow had gone! The rest of my eyeshadow/smaller brushes came out the same, and the best part – they were dry! Then I moved on to a bigger blush brush which had the same story (though it took a little longer to spin dry). Giant powder brushes? Returned to their natural colour!

Left, before cleaning. Right, after.

The verdict

Now I’m almost ashamed to admit how much foundation and face powder came out of my brushes, it wasn’t pretty! This device handled it all like a pro and suiting its name down to the ground. I wear makeup on an almost daily basis, and the fact I have almost too many makeup brushes means I can go a while without cleaning them, but now I don’t have to. This is a fab little device that means I now have a full set of clean and dry brushes and it took less then half the time I’d spend cleaning them with a scrubbing mat. I’m still not sure I’d pay the full price tag for it, but I’m pleased with my Costco purchase – it’s fab!!

If you have a little Christmas money left over, then why not treat yourself to one it’s currently £39.99 in Boots.

A little note on alternatives

As far as I can tell there isn’t really anything like this on the market for the price range. I do usually use a Real Techniques brush cleansing palette and it does a great job getting everything out of the worst of brushes, however you do need some patience to get bigger brushes dry again.

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