Twinings The Orange Cannelle Tea Review

Trying new teas in other countries is always exciting. The first challenge is trying to workout the flavours, I quite often rely on some pictures on the box, and it’s no secret amongst my tea friends that the Twinings Vanilla is one of my favourites. I tried in France a few years back and since have been disappointed that it hasn’t been that easy to get a hold of in the UK. But last year in early December I found myself in the car on a last minute trip to Brugge for the Christmas market and on the way back we stopped in Cité Europe, more specifically the Carrefour there. Naturally I dismissed all the cheese and wine to instead hunt down the tea aisle. Faced with a wall of heaven and a number of potential options I scanned for the favourite brew and picked up two boxes. Sat next to it was the Orange Cannelle with a picture of oranges and cinnamon the front. I ignored it at first and continued to have a browse but I found myself coming back to it.

The first thing you notice about this tea is the fabulous smell, a hint of Christmas but suitable for all year around. I’m not normally a fan of cinnamon but this combination with the orange is well balanced. I love this tea and it has been a frequent brew this winter. The only downside is this is an international Twinings blend meaning it’s hard to get hold of in the UK. I found that Amazon has some in stock, or if you could try the Whittard Orange and Cinnamon blend.

If you ever find the opportunity to try and international tea then I would highly recommend it, you never know what you might find!