5 last minute Mother’s Day ideas

I don’t know about you but it was January yesterday (or at least it feels like it) and events like Mother’s Day and Easter were a million miles away (okay a few months but still). Now it’s Saturday and you’ve just realised that it is Mother’s Day tomorrow, the first thing you want to do is panic. Don’t – this gal has got your back with a list of things you can do in a jiffy to make mum feel loved.

Make a card

Use the computer. Get out the pens and pencils. Basically get creative. It’s the thought that counts to making mum feel special and this would go a long way. It doesn’t even matter if it’s folded up card just spend some time putting together something that mum will treasure.

Buy a bunch of flowers

The worst thing is when you don’t live close to your mum and you realise what day it is. Well hop online and find those florists and get some flowers sorted asap! If you do live close by find your nearest florist or supermarket and buy some – and if they are lacking in bunches, why not give a bunch of daffodils? Kind on the purse, bright and colourful and still bound to put a smile on mum’s face.

Cook a meal

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – or even brunch. If you love to cook, skip the restaurant and whip up a meal. Perhaps her favourite? Give her the day off from the kitchen and spend some time giving her a meal. If you don’t love to cook but fancy giving it a go that’s extra special, just you know don’t burn down the place in the process! And if that’s not an option, there’s always the takeaway option…

Afternoon tea

I know that this is one of my mum’s favourite options and it comes with it’s own string of ideas. You could go out, incorporate it into your day out or (and my personal favourite) create it at home. Why not pick up her favourite brew, make (or buy) some cakes and sandwiches and put the kettle on? It doesn’t take long and can make them feel so loved. It could be as simple as tea and biscuits, or you could go for the whole shabang.

Run a bath

Every mum deserves the time to pamper themselves but sometimes they find it hard. Gents listen up. If you’ve got a baby, I can guarantee you that the little things are going to be even more appreciated. So why not just take an hour to run the other (better) half a bath and take the little one of their hands whilst they relax.

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