Automatic steam curlers, fab or flop?

I have many heard great things about automatic steam curlers and after some research I thought I would ask for one for Christmas, which I did get. Now we are 5 months into the new year (um, where’s 2018 disappearing too?) and I can honestly give some truths and thoughts on this product.

Picture this, it’s New Year’s Eve and you are getting ready and as per, time has escaped you. So naturally, it seems like the most sensible option to play with a new product – hint, it’s really not! Anyway, that’s my scenario and I’m getting on with getting ready and to begin with I’m loving the product but then it get’s stuck. The reality was I’d put too much hair in and it had sucked it in and wouldn’t release – and it sucked it again! I was panicked (naturally)! But I just it turned off at the wall and it released my hair. Now if this had been a curling tong my hair would have singed off due to the heat, but my hair was just a little frizzy but generally no damage.

That was New Year. It hasn’t come out of it’s box since. I don’t often do my curly for no reason so I haven’t had the bravery to get this out to give a second chance.


  • The thing that I love most about an automatic steam curler is that it uses steam to curl your hair. This is sooo much better for your hair, as it’s not damaging heat like your standard curling tong would.
  • As it’s automatic, the curler will automatically change direction of for a more natural finish.
  • Different time settings allow for the option tighter ‘ringlet’ curls, loose curls or light waves.
  • Not so likely to burn your head has the heat components are compact in a small part of the product.
  • It’s not hard, if you don’t get on with a curling tong – this might be for you.


  • You can only do small sections otherwise your hair can get your hair stuck – and trust me that’s not fun!
  • Due to the small sections limitations, it is NOT quicker than a standard curling ton.
  • Wont work with short hair, and it wouldn’t do well for thick hair.

On the face of the above, you would think that it was going to be a winner. But for me it’s not, I still prefer my curling tong.

I can see the product being great for your kids hair as it doesn’t burn the hair (or head/ears for that matter) so easily. If you love curly hair but hate using a tong then this is a great alternative – but don’t be surprised if it’s not for you. Just think about whether you’re willing to give it a try or not. If the answers no, stick with what you know. If the answers yes, then check it out on Amazon for only £32.99!