7 hot tips on keeping cool during the UK heatwave

Year on year you hear the British citizen’s moan that we never get more than a couple of days of summer. In fact this year we joked about it being over back in April. Well jokes on us as summer well and truly as hit with temperatures reaching 30 degrees see. But how can you keep cool during this unpredictable UK heatwave? Here are our hot tips (sorry too good of a pun to miss).

Ditch the duvet

Are you still sleeping under that thing? Ditch it. That’s the simplest, bluntest way to put it but it’s the only way. If you still want a cover, grab a flat sheet and sleep under that. If you don’t have one just sleep under the cover minus the duvet. Simple.

Iced bottles

This is a no brainer, especially if you are working in an office, fill up a bottle the night before and stick it in the freezer. It’s an instantly cooling method throughout the day and it keeps you hydrated. The only trouble is it can get messy as it melts so have some cloth or tissue around to mop up.

You could also do the same with hot water bottles; fill them up, pop them in and cosy up for a cool night’s sleep.

Iced tea

Brew up your favourite blend but instead of boiling the kettle do it with water and add a LOT of ice. There are actually gadgets out there which are made for cold brews, such as a cold brew bottle. Granted a fruity blend or citrus vibe might better. If you’re looking for a drink that will last you longer why not brew a cold brew before you stick in the freezer?

Stay hydrated

This one might be obvious but its up there with being one of the most important. It’s easy to fall ill if you don’t keep hydrated – from a headache to a dizzy spell. Drinking iced tea and frozen drinks is a great way to stay hydrated and cool.

Wash your hands

Its known that you have pressure points near your wrists, you can turn to them to help stopping you from feeling sick but also to help cool you down. Run your wrists under cool water and that will help to cool the blood.

Warm up to cool down

Have a cup of tea – and it’s not a joke! There is some truth behind having a cup of tea to cool down but maybe save this one for when you get home rather than when you’re in the office as it will only work if the sweat can evaporate off the skin. So not the best solution if you can’t strip down to your bikini.

Turn it off

Okay with Love Island still on our screens turning the TV off is easier said than done but seriously minimise how much time you have it on. TV’s radiate a surprising amount of heat can instantly cool a room down. It goes for smartphone, tablets and laptops… on that note – adios, this laptop is getting rather warm.